Timely completion of real estate related and bookkeeping tasks is as essential to growing your business as water is to a tree. But, with only so many hours in a day, how can you possibly get it all done?

If you find yourself spending more time working in your business instead of working on building your client base and generating income...


Carol Trauthwein  President / Virtual Assistant

Carol Trauthwein
President / Virtual Assistant

I created Essential VA Solutions after a 20 year career assisting small business owners with their bookkeeping and administrative tasks in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and retail management sectors.

During this time, I developed extensive experience in business planning for small business start-up and expansion.

Through my focus, organizational abilities, and commitment to lifelong learning, I proved myself to be a reliable, trustworthy, and skilled partner in business relationships.

I bring this same dedication to the small business owners that I serve through my own company today.

I seek clients who are self-employed, sole practitioners whose businesses are growing and are finding themselves overwhelmed and pulled in many different directions. People who are comfortable communicating via email and/or internet and delegating work.

Not sure about what tasks can be delegated to Essential VA Solutions? Please refer to our Services page.

Want to discuss the particular tasks you feel are taking your time away from what you need to be focusing on? Please contact us.


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